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OCA Machine

Absolutely, the Mobile phone has become a necessity in our lives. Can you think life without a mobile phone in this era? Of course, this will be a joke as Smartphones are the same importance as a meal in our daily lives.

So, the way Smartphones are being launched with slim Display the more mobile phone’s displays are being damaged..

The same situation you must have met within your life. Then what do you do? Of course, you must go to the Shop and get repaired. Isn’t it?

In this situation, you must pay money along with voluble time. In this comparative time, we don’t have much time so every customer wants to get their phone repaired in short-time.

If you run your own business in Mobile repairing then OCA Glass Lamination Machine will give you the freedom to repair Phone’s Display in just a few minutes.

You must be wondering about what this machine is all about. Isn’t it? Let’s go ahead and know about this revolution in this era.

What is the OCA Machine?

Now repairing Display glass is more easy and comfortable through OCA Display Lamination Machine.

The traditional way to repair your broken phone’s display was to replace a new screen, but this method is costly and time killer. If you know how to use OCA Machine to repair the phone’s display when you can repair more mobile phones at the same time and you can enlarge your business.


OCA Machine is a New Revolution-

The OCA Lamination Machine is a very rare product in which all kind of Mobile phones can be repaired like iPhone, samsung frameiPad, HTC, Samsung, Sony, OPPO, MI etc. The OCA machine pioneer to repair display with no bubbles remain.

There are very few business owners who use this machine but people started knowing about this new revolution and being benefited in terms or customers and business owners.

Whole Aspects of Mobile OCA Display Machine-

The main aspect of the OCA Laminating Machine is time and money saving. This is so appealing to consumers as far as shopkeepers. This is compatible with the majority of the Smartphones that are currently in the market right now. Through this machine, you can repair any Phone’s display.

Currently, OCA Machine is in High Demand!

There are hundreds of customers out there who have purchased OCA Display Repairing Machine and have loved everything about it. The more people using it the more this product is becoming in high demand.

Get this product and increase your revenue. Through this machine you can target to more customers, now you can repair 20 times extra Mobile Phone’s displays. This machine offers the best quality lamination with no bubbles.

Now OCA Vacuum Laminating Machine is a top-class machine. This is a high-grade quality product that is made with the highest level of craftsmanship and materials and that makes this product more valuable and high demanding.

> Air Bubble Remover

The air bubble is always a headache for most of the people when they are laminating the new glass, bubbles make your display worse an air bubble remover is really important for the work, it can bubble the residual air bubble comfort should after laminating.

> Glass Vacuum OCA Lamination Machine

This 3 in 1 model, can be used as an OCA laminator, vacuum OCA lamination machine and a bubble remover. Also, this model can complete 3 procedures for you, just need 90S-120S, provide you with high precision and fast efficiency.

Technical parameters:

  • Power: 1000W
  • Voltage: AC110V, AC220V
  • Work Environment: Clean, Dust-Free
  • Production Efficiency: 1-2 mins /p
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Applicable Size: Max 6.3inch (Can be customized)
  • Size of Equipment: 1600*800*1680mm
  • Weight: About 38kg

A lot of buzzes already has been done about OCA Machine, now let’s talk about how this can help you to build a skyrocket future.

Where You Can Buy?

The company that mainly sells this product is called BABA Tools and they are also well known for a large variety of other products as well. The OCA Lamination machine is ideal for repairing any type of LCD screen, iPhone frame lamination,  and comes with bubble remover machine and screen separator.

The minimum order quantity is 1, and in case you are looking for mobile OCA machine dealership than you can call us at 700 400 9069.

When you order this product online it usually ships within the next three to four days after the order has been processed and confirmed.

Address – 

4/45, MPL. no. 10674, Upper Ground Floor, near the Regent Hotel,

WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005

Here are some top selling OCA machine of 2019 – 

  • JENNY 112 OCA Machine
  • JENNY 102 OCA Machine
  • JENNY 108 OCA
  • YMJ OCA Lamination Machine
  • BABA R 786 Glass Repairing Machine
  • BABA 2100 OCA Machine –
  • BABA R3 OCA Machine
  • BABA 3 in 1 OCA Machine
  • M- Triangle 102 OCA Machine
  • M- Triangle 103 OCA Lamination Machine
  • BST 1 OCA machine
  • BST 2 OCA Machine
  • FA 11 OCA Lamination Machine

A Blazing Future with OCA Glass Lamination Machine

As this machine has become buzz and plays a vital role in the Mobile Phone’s Display Repairing. Now there are some institutes who started offering courses. AK info itself offers Free training for its every customer, the reason is simple, we want to satisfy our customers.

OCA Lamination Training –

A course of OCA glass repairing will boost up jobs and business opportunities. This course will change your fate and also give you a tension free career. If you want to run your own business you can start a business with less investment.

Today, there are 95 million mobile phone users in India; 20 million of them have smartphones, but Proper Technician is in demand. There are so many benefits by using the OCA Machine.

Let’s get started and know how this course can help you to embark a potent future:
  • This course will increase your income more than 20 times extra.
  • After completing this course, you can repair more mobile phones display.
  • There are very few people who use this machine, if you get good knowledge about this machine then you can deal with more customers.
  • This course will benefit you from connecting with the direct customer and mobile phone shopkeepers.
  • We offer a golden opportunity for AK Info’sexisting students, if you have already done or pursing course from us, you will get Special Discount.
  • After completing this course, you can open a shop in your town even you can be a trainer and start making good money.
  • To change a folder, customers have to spend huge money and time to change the entire folder. Now you will give smooth service at fewer prices to the customers, it means you’re going to deal with more clients and add a source of earning.
  • The golden opportunity to earn more in the lower budget.
  • This course can be completed within 10 days to 15 days.
  • Whether you live in a village or in the city, now you can start this work in a small place with good outcomes.

It is seen common to damage the phone’s display or touch nowadays, but due to lack of a proper source of repair, customers have to pay huge money and ample time. OCA Machine will give you the power to work with freedom with a 100% guarantee.




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