What is Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine and Why Should You Buy It?

BABA 2100 OCA lamination Machine

Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine

Most of the people use slim Smartphone; slim Smartphone has more possibilities to get damaged. This article will let you know how you can fix your Smartphone’s display without any hassle. Baba 2100 OCA Lamination machine gives smooth service at an affordable price.

Let’s know about this rare product:

Initially, we used to repair broken LCD with the traditional way; it always replaced a new screen. This cost was really too much and time-consuming. If you have a set of LCD repairing machine, it helps to ignore the cost of repairing and time saver.

If you have a Smartphone repair shop, how can you miss these latest tools for making good money?

What is Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine?    

Baba Tools is a leading wholesale trader, Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine is something which has been in high demand, which offers OCA Lamination Machine, and LCD Glass Vacuum. The OCA Laminating Machine is the most trusted brand in India and all over India.

Mobile OCA Lamination is a new revolution in the field of mobile phone’s display repairing. We use advanced technology and machinery to achieve perfect finishing for Mobile LCD Display. We have the best OCA lamination machine in Delhi and deliver our rare product all over India with smooth logistic services.

Some Specifications of Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine-

  • High efficient the OCA Laminating effects
  • One step finish the OCA Laminating
  • Simple structure, convenient operation
  • Suitable for mobile phone screen protective film OCA Polaroid bonding, speed and registration
  • Better and quicker repair LCD, improve repair efficiency,
  • Easy operation


Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine Comes into Four Parts-

The Baba OCA Lamination Machine is a very rare product in which you can repair several different Mobile phones like iPhone, HTC, Samsung, One Plus, Redmi Note, the Sony phones and more.

 (1) Laminator-

Laminator works to laminate phone’s glass, it offers easy and smooth lamination service. The laminator works with Vacuum Pump mutually. Make sure the voltages should be 220 Voltage when you use this machine. 

(2) Air Bubble Remover-

Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine also comes with Air Bubble Remover. The bubble is the most common issue which can be seen after glass or display changing. Bubble remover works with Air compressor to remove bubbles. 

This Air Bubble Remover offers a complete solution and well tested with different mobile phones.

  • Comfort-Structure
  • Over-Pressure Protection
  • Discharge Automatically after Removing Bubble

 (3) Vacuum Pump-

Vacuum Pump is also an integral part of Baba 2100 Lamination Machine. The Vacuum Pump comes with model number 245-3C, it works to laminate a mobile phone’s display smoothly. 

(4) Air Compressor-

To remove bubbles, Air Compressor forces to the machine, by forcing a pressure, it helps to remove bubbles from Mobile Phone’s glass. 

Some Specifications about Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine-

  • High efficient OCA Laminating effects
  • One step finish the OCA Laminating
  • Simple structure, convenient operation
  • Best way to repair Mobile Phone’s Display
  • Suitable for mobile phone screen protective film OCA Polaroid bonding, speed and registration
  • Better and quicker repair LCD, improve repair efficiency

 Solid Machine Great Outcomes-

We are a trusted manufacturer and offer machine directly to the customers at an affordable price in Delhi and all over India. This product is a complex of solidity. Through this machine, you can expect no bubbles on to it.

It features a key start which makes it appealing to all kinds of consumers because it is so easy to operate. The lamination way is very flat and overall the quality of the lamination process is all smooth and uniform when done under pressure. This process also means that there is no stress done to the product or the machine itself.

Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine –

Baba OCA lamination machine is becoming the first choice of mobile repair expert across India. The main aspect about the Baba OCA Laminating machine/Mobile LCD Display screen repair machine is so appealing to consumers.

This machine is compatible for all kind of mobile phones. The majority of the Smartphone that are in the market right now. There are thousands of customers that have bought this product. This Baba 2100 OCA Machine being loved by so many people across India.

We have received a large number of positive reviews from our valued customers. Use this machine at your workstation to get the best results while laminating or changing phone’s glass.

The Baba 2100 Mobile OCA Lamination in Delhi, India offers mobile LCD display screen repair machines that deliver at every small and capital city. It also helps to learn the skills, work with high pace and great outcomes.

The Vacuum Pump has smart constant pressure for all the touch screen phones bubble removing. The best thing is that lamination could be done at the same time. We also offer free training for “How to use Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine.

What Will You Be Benefited from Baba Tools?

>> Free Training: Welcome to visit our factory and Baba will offer free training.

>> Various Videos: Baba has many video regarding how to use the machine and how to repair the different phones, you can also ask us to send you the video in need or you can watch our YouTube channel.

>> Phone Related Products: Besides machines, Baba can also supply you phone related all kind of accessories and repairing tools, so you can save more time on products select and increase efficiency with affordable price.

Why Should You By Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine?

After reading this article, now you must know the importance of Baba 2100 Lamination Machine. If you buy this machine, you can be benefited with several things.

If you buy this product, you will be high demanded professional at your workstation as this machine is using by some people only. We offer free training; this training will help you to know how to operate this machine. 

We offer this machine at an affordable price; it means you get a product with low price but high quality.


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